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The petition form is to be used to gather signatures, which will be presented to Dail Eirann, to demonstrate the depth of concern regarding the proposed changes to the Firearms licencing process.Please print multiple copies of this out and ask members of your club to take copies to their friends, family, local GAA clubs, shops etc. and explain that we need their signatures to help persuade the government not to ban our sport. The more we get, the more the government will have listen to us.

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We, the undersigned being 18 years and over, support the Sports Coalition in its opposition to the proposals contained in the Report of the Working Group on Review of Firearms Licencing dated November 2014 and call on the Minister for Justice and Equality to set the report aside and enter into meaningful consultation with the representatives of the Sports Coalition.


Ask friends and family to support us!


Please note – if you use GoogleMail (or some other email providers also) the confirmation mail sent to you after you submit the online petition may end up in your spam folder.

Submission Form

Per advice from Firearms Committee, they have recommended we do not provide templates to complete, rather they would prefer: ” It is essential that submissions are concise and to the point. Submissions should address only issues related to the Review and should not contain any unnecessary or superfluous material that does not relate directly to the subject. If reference is made to other publications, a link to this publication is sufficient and it is not necessary to send these as separate attachments. Pages in submissions should be numbered.”

Guidance on howto submit a submission:

Guidance from Firearms Committee on Submission format  


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Department of Justice

Justice Committee

Address: Crime 4
Department of Justice
and Equality
94 St Stephen’s Green
Dublin 2
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Closing Date 31st Jan 2015 9th Jan 2015

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  1. Paddy Crossan

    Please leave the leagal shooters alone wee are not the ones to worry about. We do noone any harm this is our sport. It is what we do so please think again thanks

  2. when will these Politicians learn that legally owned and registered firearms are not the problem!!. and trying to ban ordinary people from buying firearms wont stop criminals from getting there hands on them.
    criminals dont abide by the law!!!! all there doing is turning ireland into an even bigger nanny state and taking away even more rights from law abideing citizens!!!!!!.

  3. mick Daly

    Once again the legal firearm owners are being targeted so that government ministers can say they are doing something about guns in ireland we are and easy target instead of the garda and government tackling illegal guns in the hands of criminals (which they can obtain easier than the legal ones)

  4. This proposal by the Irish government is outrageous! Contrary to what those politicians think (not what I wanted to say, but this is a public domain), the right of the people to keep and bear arms is just that, a right! Once again this isn’t about guns at all, it’s all about control going to a corrupt government and an equally corrupt police force. We can’t let what happened in the UK, Australia and other countries happen to the Irish Republic. The law abiding citizens are not to blame for the actions of criminals.

  5. Dainel Lilienberg

    Instead of banning recreational and/or sport activities, spend time on making it harder for criminals getting armed. Such things might include alarms in houses, gun safe regulations, dividing weapon into several parts etc. Just because it’s easy to regulate legal citizien doesn’t mean that the ones breaking the law will obey it!