** Update email to all shooters ** please read urgently **

Fellow Sportsmen and Sportswomen


Today marks a significant day for us all. This morning Des Crofton (NARGC), the Spokesman for the Sports Coalition, issued a letter to every member of both houses of the Oireachtas. A copy of the letter and its related attachments are appended to this mail.  I urge you to read all attachments in full.

The key points made are as follows:


  • On 7th May all TDs and Senators were invited to a briefing in Buswells Hotel.
  • Following the meeting a number of TDs made representations on our behalf.
  • On the 12th of June the Minister for Justice, Frances Fitzgerald TD, responded to each of you in writing and expressed the following;  ‘Further consultation with relevant stakeholders will take place when I have considered the report and before any decisions are finalised in relation to proposals for change to the firearms licensing system’.
  • On August 22nd Des Crofton wrote to the Minister for Justice and expressed the following concern: ‘I am aware of a meeting which took place between two officials of your Department, Marion Walsh, Executive Director in your department and Brendan O’Loughlin with officials of the Attorney General’s office as recently as the 30th July, at which the firearms review and outcome was discussed.  At that meeting it was indicated that Annex F of the Garda Commissioner’s Guidelines would be removed as an outcome of the review.  The fact that this was being discussed as a virtual foregone conclusion would reasonably give just cause for concern as to the sincerity of any promised consultation.  However, any notion of fair and sincere consultation was completely destroyed by a statement (from your officials) in response to the observation that consultation had been promised, that while consultation will take place with the representative stakeholders, it will be a sham consultation.  The words used I believe were to the effect that while they would be consulted, they (the stakeholders) were not expected to be meaningfully consulted and I believe that remark was expressly minuted.”’ If you review the letter, you will see that Des gave the Minister an opportunity to respond. She was new in the job, she may not have known about the duplicitous and covert policy being implemented by her department and the relevant members of An Garda Síochaná (however her published comments would seem to contradict that assumption).
  • On the 10th of November the situation became clear as the Minister for Justice, Frances Fitzgerald TD, approved the removal of Annex F. It would seem to any fair-minded individual that this is, in effect, her approval of a policy which sees the promised consultations as being a total sham – Outrageous.   As Des eloquently puts it, ‘we are yet again being wronged and lied to (not for the first time) by Fine Gael and we will hold each and every Fine Gael member responsible.  As far as shooting, fishing and hunting people are concerned, Fine Gael cannot be trusted where our interests are under threat.’


What can you do? You have two choices – 1, Do what the planted spin doctors want you to do – accept graciously what’s on offer and wait until they come after you sporting equipment tomorrow, or 2 joint us and work to protect our sport.

If you are still reading and have selected the second option above, is time to for you to act. The sports Coalition represents organisations which boast 120,000 members – and every one of those members have to act. What do you do? Immediately contact your local Fine Gael TD and tell him/her what you think about the way sports shooters are being treated by the Minister for Justice, the Department of Justice and the Temporary Commissioner. Attend their clinics and do the same.

Remember, the Civil Servants are not elected and, as we all know are completely untouchable, regardless of their behaviour. On the other hand TD’s are elected – any you know what?  Our 120,000 supports tend to vote – and many of them voted FG.


But you must do your bit.  Don’t wait for the other person to do it for you.  If you want to keep your firearms certificate, and ensure that next year they don’t come back for more act now.


Any with friends in the media – call on them now.


150,000 illegal guns in Ireland and the focus is our legally held firearms – why?


Michael Tope

Chairman NASRPC.

DOJ Garda Working Group Firearm Licensing report 2014

Firearms Notification – November 2014 Notification

Letter to Oireachtas Members 4 (2)