Extension to Pheasant season 17/11/20

The Sports Coalition has written to The Minister of State at the Department for Heritage and Electoral Reform, Mr Malcom Noonan TD, in relation to the ban on pheasant shooting as a result of the Covid-19 Level 5 Restrictions.  We have set out in clear terms our position in relation to the ban.  While we do not necessarily agree with the strict interpretation of the legislation insofar as it is being quoted as extending to rough shooting, we nonetheless acknowledge that it is everyone’s duty and interests to support the government’s efforts to get the worst health pandemic in a century to threaten the lives of so many people under control. 

In our letter, a copy of which is posted to our website alongside this communication, on the assumption that level 5 will be lifted or modified on 1st of December, we have sought an extension to the pheasant season to the end of February.  There is ample precedent for granting the extension, not least because extensions into February have been routinely granted for years to the commercial estates for driven pheasant shooting.  There is simply no justifiable reason or excuse for treating voluntary clubs who release pheasants differently to the commercial estates who also release pheasants.  We have been informed that it has already been indicated to the estates that they will again get their extension next February and on that basis, they are currently taking bookings for shooting days in February.

13th November, 2020.

Mr Malcom Noonan
Minister of State
Department of Heritage and Electoral Reform

Re:       Pheasant shooting season.

Dear Minster,

I refer to your recent statements in the Seanad and an email from your Official in the NPWS, Mr John Fitzgerald dated 12th inst., issued presumably on your behalf and with your authority. 

Mr Fitzgerald’s email was in response to our earlier email in which we confirmed our approach to the Covid Level 5 restrictions insofar as they have been stated to apply to pheasant shooting which is banned during the period of those restrictions.  Furthermore, and in particular, we had confirmed the commitment of our members to comply with and support the restrictions as a necessary reasonable inconvenience to our game shooting clubs and members.  Unlike some others, we did not seek to in any way undermine or hinder the intended objectives of the restrictions and made no demands of you or your Department or of any government institution for any easement.

Our approach was to ask for an extension to the end of the normal pheasant season by one month, subject of course to it not being necessary for a reimposition of Level 5 restrictions at that time.

The matter of our request was also raised recently in the Seanad by Senators Malcom Byrne and Joe O’Reilly and to which you made a statement in reply.  The essence of Mr Fitzgerald’s reply to us closely mirrores what you said in your statement to the Seanad.  However, it did not answer the central request made by the Sports Coalition and its member, Country Sports Ireland i.e. a request to extend the season beyond the 31st of January for pheasant shooting only.  In making that request we are conscious of, and accept, that extending the season for other huntable bird species could be legally problematic under the 709/409 Birds Directive of 2nd April 1979 on the hunting of migratory birds in particular, such as Woodcock and several migratory duck species.

As I am sure you are by now aware, the commercial estates routinely enjoy an extension to the pheasant shooting season into February.  These shoots differ from the normal rough pheasant shooting practised by virtually all the parish-based game shooting clubs in Ireland in that they are ‘driven shoots’ where the pheasants are driven, normally through woodland, towards the guns by beaters accompanied by dogs.  Clubs, as distinct from the driven shoots, are voluntary and their game shooting normally takes the form of an individual member traversing the hunting farmlands alone, accompanied only by his/her dog.  In general, there are no groups involved in the vast majority of cases as this would be self-defeating and where there is more than one, the group would be small, 2/3 people and they would normally split up and in effect hunt alone.

Having requested an extension to the season, we are disappointed that we have not received a more positive or definitive answer, especially in circumstances where the commercial estates have historically enjoyed such extensions and where we understand from our inquiries that it has been indicated to them they can expect an extension for the 20/21 season. 

Game shooting clubs raise money through member subscriptions and fundraisers every year to run their affairs which include habitat management, bird rear and release programmes, pest control services to farming etc.  They receive no state funding of any kind and it was a perverse inequity in relation to access to state funding which in effect resulted in the clubs being banned from participating in their chosen sport.  It is clear that the view of the Government is that if you are lucky enough to be the recipient of state funding through only Sports Ireland, you will be allowed to participate in your sport, save some close contact exceptions e.g. boxing.  But if you are disqualified from access to such funding, it seems the state will penalise you further, irrespective of other relevant considerations, by prohibiting you from practicing your sport especially in circumstances where the objectives of the Level 5 restrictions have nothing whatsoever to do with access to state funding for sport as a qualifying condition.  Are we to take it from that position and the imperative for the state and its agencies to act fairly and without discrimination towards all of its citizens, that you would support an application to Sports Ireland for funding for game shooting sports clubs for grant aid in furtherance of their development as beneficial sporting bodies in rural communities which engender healthy lifestyles?  Nowhere are the benefits of community interaction and togetherness felt more than in rural areas and the parish game shooting club is an integral driver of that sense of community in virtually every parish. 

By the time the Level 5 restrictions were called, clubs’ annual budgets had already been spent and in the case of Pheasants, the birds had been reared and released with all the attendant costs associated with that, all from voluntary community effort and support. 

In consideration of all of the foregoing, we feel our request for an extension to the Pheasant season deserves a more considered and positive response than that which has been received.  To do less would be to gratuitously discriminate against the voluntary rural clubs while taking care of the interests of the commercial estates.  As I have already pointed out, we are already inexplicably discriminated against on the basis of being denied access to state funding.  I need not dwell on the very negative appearance of this, much less the legal implications.  On a more human level, it would also constitute a slap in the face to the game clubs whose members have positively embraced and supported the restrictions.  In all likelihood, they would see their reward from the state for doing their civic duty being the perpetration by the state of inexcusable acts of discrimination against them.  While we would not for one moment condone any obstruction of whatever restrictions are necessary to protect society, future restrictions might nonetheless not be so willingly embraced.  This is simply the human nature reality.

Minister, I would ask you to take account of all of the foregoing and recognise the responsible positive reaction of our game shooting members towards the inconvenience and disappointment at the cancellation of the Pheasant shooting season for the month of November, the inequitable and discriminatory qualifying conditions set for participation in our sport and the simple fairness of our request which does not set any new precedents.  But neither does it aggravate what is at the very least, a perception of discriminatory practice.

As the temperature around this issue is likely to increase in the absence of some accommodation from you, the extension sought would be a very positive move which would take the sting out of the controversy without the state having to concede any new ground.

I look forward to receiving a positive response from you.

Yours sincerely,


Paul Walsh,


We have prepared a letter which every club in the country, irrespective of what organisation it belongs to, and who releases pheasants, can adapt to make their own application directly to the Minister for an extension.  Extensions have traditionally been granted by way of letter from the Minister.  We urge every club to make an application immediately.  When the application is sent, call your local TD and/or Senator and lobby them to support your application.  No member of either the Dail or the Seanad can claim to be unaware of the issue and the justification for the extension as every single one of them of all political persuasions have now received a copy of our letter to Minister of State Noonan to their Oireachtas email account.  Lobbying should be polite but firm.  There can be no justification for abuse in any circumstances.  In fact, there is strong evidence abuse will only serve to alienate the person whose support you seek.

Sample Letter


Mr Malcom Noonan

Minister of State

Department of Heritage and Electoral Reform

Re:       Pheasant shooting season.

Dear Minster,

I refer to the Covid-19 Level 5 restrictions which are currently in place until at least the 1st December 2020 . 

As you know, the restrictions have resulted in a ban on pheasant shooting for the entire month of November.  This has been a major source of disappointment and the subject of much anger and argument and counter argument among the shooting community as to whether a lone hunter engaging in rough pheasant shooting with a dog is in fact in contravention of the restrictions when undertaken within a 5km radius of home.  The interpretation of the relevant underpinning S.I. is in fact silent on the specific scenario I have outlined in this letter and suggests the S.I. not only permits, but supports the activity I have described.

Notwithstanding the above, I do not wish to become engaged in a debate about the legalities of the current hunting ban which has removed hunting for the month of November and that period is now lost to our club.

Our club has for decades, through voluntary effort and money, reared and released thousands of pheasants into the wild, improved habitats and provided crop and stock protection for farmers in our area.  Our club has never been the recipient of any state aid through grants or other aids during all of that time. 

I am aware that it is within your authority to grant an extension to the pheasant hunting season and that extensions have become the norm for the commercial driven estate pheasant shoots for many years.  I gather that these estates are now taking bookings for the entire of February.

As over one third of the annual pheasant hunting season has now been lost due to Covid restrictions, there will be a significant surplus of pheasants remaining after the 31st of January, assuming a resumption of the season is permitted at the beginning of December and there are no further interruptions.  I am therefore formally applying by way of this letter to you on behalf of my club for an extension of the pheasant season to 28th February. 2020.  I believe an extension would be appropriate for a multiplicity of reasons e.g. an excess of birds remaining due to the loss of the month of November, as an acknowledgement of the voluntary work of the club and its contribution to the quality of life within our community and because it is something which is already given annually to the commercial estates.  There is no discernible reason as to why a voluntary club should be treated less favourably than a commercial estate in this particular circumstance.

I look forward to receiving a positive response.

Yours sincerely,



Club Secretary

Please don’t delay, apply now and lobby hard tomorrow.

Paul Walsh