Fine Gael Press Release – 1st December 2014

A number of members of the Sports Coalition met with David Stanton, Chair of the Oireachtas Justice Committee on 1st December 2014, and discussed the issues of the proposed firearms legislation.  At this meeting he stated that: “I am interested in doing all I can to ensure that issues discussed today are resolved.”  He also issued a press statement, and asked us to provide feedback to The press statement is below.

Please spread the word.  It is essential that your submissions be sent to the Justice Committee.  Please ensure all submissions to be cordial etc but firm. See below for details of email address. If you have already made a submission to the DOJ, simply send it to the below address as well.



Fine Gael Press Office
David Stanton TD
Cork East

Monday, 1st December 2014

Justice Committee seeking submissions on review of firearms licensing – Stanton
Fine Gael TD for Cork East and Chair of the Oireachtas Justice Committee, David Stanton TD has welcomed the extension of the public consultation process for the review of firearms licensing. The Minister for Justice and Equality, Frances Fitzgerald TD has extended the deadline for submissions on firearms licensing following an appeal made by Deputy Stanton.

“Minister Fitzgerald published a review conducted by a working group of An Garda Síochána & the Department of Justice and Equality on firearms licensing on the 13th November. At that time she invited submissions from interested parties on the development of firearms policy and legislation to be made by early December.

“I was concerned that the timeframe for public consultation was too short so as Chair of the Justice Committee, I sought an extension to the deadline from Minister Fitzgerald. I am pleased that she has accepted the need to allow more time and the new deadline is now the 31st January 2015.

“In addition to the extension of the deadline, the Justice Committee is also now seeking written submissions from interested groups and individuals on the report. The Committee will consider these submissions and plans to invite a number of contributors to public hearings. We understand that there are differing perspectives on the holding of firearms and firearm licensing, and it is important that current licence holders, shooting clubs and members of the public are given a forum to articulate their views. We are looking forward to hearing from and engaging with the public on this issue.

“The review includes a number of recommendations such as changes to the list of offences which prohibit convicted persons from obtaining a firearms licence and possible restrictions on the licensing of handguns and semi-automatic shotguns and rifles. No decisions have been taken yet and I am anxious that none be made until a full consultation and discussion about the issues takes place.

“I would ask anyone with an interest in firearms licensing to go to and read the Report on the Review of Firearms Legislation. Written submissions to the Justice Committee should be sent electronically by email before our deadline of 3pm on Friday 9th January 2015 to the following email address only”


Fine Gael Press Office
Aoife Carragher
01 618 4076


1 Comment

  1. Brendan O'Regan

    It is a direct attack on law abiding members of the public, a continued targeted attack directly from the Garda Siochana against innocent shooting sports enthusiasts like myself.
    Again the Gardai have tried to suggest that my firearms and all privately owned firearms could fall into the hands of criminals, and the idea is mooted in fact that members of the public such as myself are not to be trusted with firearms at all. In fact The report subliminally suggests that Licenced Firearms are used unlawfully in the carrying out criminal activities. This is at worst is an attempt to label licenced firearm holders as criminals and an attack at the most vetted, inspected and law abiding citizens in the country. At best it is an attempt to blacken firearms holders as members of our society that they may have malicious intentions and are to be feared by their fellow members of society. This is an infringement of our rights as citizens of Ireland and the European Union and will not be left unchallenged. It is common knowledge that all firearms used by criminals are sought out by these criminals and are provided to these criminals by the people who provide them with the drugs they peddle.

    The whole agenda of this report is to deprive me and all other shooters from the sports we enjoy in this country and other European countries. They cannot see past their bigoted self serving noses at the huge potential in tourism and massive cash injections into the economy at local and national level from Germany ,France and other huge European economies
    where Properly regulated and fairly controlled shooting sports give excellent financial returns and enjoyment to countless thousands of its citizens annually .
    I also noticed this report is chiefly composed by the people in Garda Firearms policy division in Phoenix Park .
    In fact special thanks in preparing this report is given to Paul Green from the Garda ballistics unit. He is the under study of DI Kevin Brooks who’s evidence has lost almost every case where an appeal was made to the district court wherein a firearm was refused by a Garda Superintendent/Chief Superintendent. These are not the people Anyone should be listening to when making Decisions at a national and international level.
    If this report is accepted and implemented I can give you one sure, final and definite result.
    You or any of your party will not be returned to your privileged seat as my representative in Dail Eireann.
    Further to that I will actively campaign at every local general and European election to have you not returned or your party not returned ever again to any seat of power in this country
    I am not alone.
    There are over 120,000 shooters in this country from big game hunting to center fire handgun target shooters . We all, our partners and our children of voting age will never again vote for you or any of your political party.
    The tip of the ice berg. worse than all this is the proposal that district and divisional Superintendent and chief superintendents are now going to be given more power to confiscate and take firearms at any time from anyone. More power to a group of people who cannot use the power they already have wisely. more power to people who have destroyed the very sport they were tasked with administering justly.. someone somewhere is having a laugh.

    The choice is simple, put this recommendation by a disgraced Garda Siochana in the bin it deserves and allow fair and proper negotiations with bona fide shooting organisations. If (after discussions) new systems are to be introduced then introduce a Model similar to the German or Swiss model which works really well.

    Kind regards,

    Brendan O’Regan.