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European Parliament votes on firearms directive – 15/3/17

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Safe and fair gun law European Parliament votes on firearms directive Yesterday, the European Parliament has approved the revision of the EU directive on the Control of the Acquisition and Possession of Weapons. Karl-Heinz Florenz, President of the parliamentary Intergroup Biodiversity, Hunting, Countryside explains: “The main goal we wanted to achieve during the negotiations between the Commission, the Parliament and the Council was to ensure safe and fair provisions on firearms that would not adversely affect hunters and sport shooters. The Parliament was able to change some excessive demands of the initial Commission proposal such as standardised obligatory medical tests, while still closing some dangerous loopholes in the existing legislation. Therefore I highly welcome the outcome of yesterday’s final vote on this matter.” In detail: Semi-automatic firearms remain in category B unless the magazine capacity exceeds 20 rounds for short firearms or 10 rounds for long firearms. Firearms with magazines exceeding these limits now fall into category A7 and are no longer allowed. However sport shooters, collectors, re-enactors and other groups can receive an authorisation to purchase category A weapons if they can demonstrate a legitimate need for such equipment (e.g. practicing for or participating in shooting competitions). Automatic firearms that have been converted into semi-automatic firearms (category A6) are no longer allowed. The conditions for category A authorisations apply. In the future, the purchase of high capacity magazines will only be possible with a category A authorisation. However the possession of high capacity magazines is not prohibited as long as they are not inserted into a firearm. The technical requirements for the deactivation of firearms will be standardised in the EU. Deactivated firearms will be categorised in category C (Firearms subject to declaration). Salute and acoustic firearms will remain in their original category if they have been converted from any working firearm into blank firing. The trade with firearms via distance contracts remains possible for private persons, as long as the identity of the buyer and his authorization to purchase is verified beyond doubt. The EU Member States will be given 15 months for the transposition of this directive into national law. The new legislation will not come into force retroactively. Legitimate owners of firearms of any category will not be dispossessed or criminalised for any purchase made before the entry into force of this directive. Legitimate owners will continue to be able to legally own and use their firearms, including the sale to other people with a corresponding authorisation. Overview of firearms categories Category A – Prohibited firearms Category B – Firearms subject to authorisation Category C – Firearms subject to declaration Category D – Other...

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Press Release – 22/2/2017 – UPDATED 24/2/2017

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UPDATE: Further to the release posted to the Sports Coalition website regarding an accord between the NARGC and An Garda Siochana at a recent meeting between the two sides, I am relieved to advise all gun owners that following an unsolicited phone call which I received yesterday evening from Inspector Paul Greene of the Firearms Policy Unit at Garda HQ, and who attended the meeting between the two parties, that he emphatically denies that any such accord as has been published by NARGC was reached with An Garda Siochana. Inspector Greene emphasised in our telephone conversation that NARGC members would not be treated differently to any other gun owners. Paul Walsh Acting Chairman Sports...

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Minutes from FCP Meeting, 24th October 2016

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Please find attached the minutes from the Firearms Consultative Panel, held on 24th October 2016   report-of-firearms-consultative-panel-24th-october-2016

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Reminder: Public consultation on firearms Directive

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Please note the email below from the FACE Secretariat.  As the official reaction from Member States is becoming increasingly more divided and key allies in the Parliament are now coming forward with amendments suggested by FACE which will be more reasonable for firearms owners, the time is now ripe for shooting people to start contacting their MEP’s and briefing them.  The attached position paper developed by the FACE Europe Expert Group on Firearms is the most succinct and comprehensive briefing document available.  Please pass it to your MEP/s and ask them to support the FACE amendments if and when the Directive comes before the European Parliament for vote.  The bottom line is that the existing Directive is a legal instrument to facilitate free movement of citizens between member states with their sporting firearms and is not, and never was, an instrument to fight terrorism, which is what is now being proposed by the Commission and in the process getting ordinary law abiding citizens caught up in the fight against terrorism.  Whereas much of what is being proposed will affect legal gun owners in many member states (not so much in Ireland because our system of firearms licensing is in effect already incorporating many of the proposed measures), it will not result in making any firearm less available to terrorists which are the target of the Commission’s proposals.  In simple terms, no terrorist will ever read the Directive and feel compelled to respect it. But the revisions proposed by the Commission will establish some dangerous precedents, even for Irish gun ownership (e.g. the minimum age) and it must be resisted. So, please use the attached position paper and start contacting your MEP’s and TD’s and Senators.  It is important that TD’s and Senators, all of whom will be offering themselves for election very shortly, should be lobbied to persuade the Minister for Justice to adopt an Irish Government position more in line with the FACE position.  Again, I urge people to be friendly but firm and remember, absolutely no abuse or aggressive lobbying please.  I am already discussing the position with the DOJ. FACE Position with AM on Firearms Directive Thank you all in advance. Des Crofton National Director – NARGC & Spokesperson for the Sports Coalition   From: Johan SVALBY [mailto:johan.svalby@face.eu] Sent: 20 January 2016 13:26To: Johan SVALBY <johan.svalby@face.eu> Subject: Reminder: Public consultation on firearms Directive / Consultation publique sur l’ouverture de la Directive sur les armes à feu / Rückmeldung abschicken -Vorschlag für eine Richtlinie zur Änderung der Richtlinie 91/477/EWG Importance: High   Dear Members (français ci-dessous / Den deutschen Text finden Sie untenstehend), Reminder: the European Commission is carrying out a public consultation on its proposal regarding the opening of the Firearms Directive on the following link:   https://ec.europa.eu/transparency/regdoc/?fuseaction=feedback&docId=3085376&language=en We invite you to participate responding to the questions with the FACE position (attached). We furthermore invite you to give it the widest circulation within your membership. Please be reminded that you can reply in your national language. The deadline for replying is 1 February 2016. Kind regards, Chers Membres, La Commission européenne a décidé de réaliser une consultation publique sur sa proposition relative à l’ouverture de la Directive sur les armes à feu sur le lien suivant: https://ec.europa.eu/transparency/regdoc/?fuseaction=feedback&docId=3085376&language=fr Nous vous invitons à y participer en répondant aux...

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FISSTA sees off Government plan for Mega Salmon Farms on the West Coast.

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Salmon farm plans for West coast of Ireland shelved.


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Letter to Justice department

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From SC in regards to Proposed EU Firearms Directive


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Proposed Euro Legislation

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SC Is deeply concerned about the proposed new EU Firearms Legislation

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Minister releases New SI & planned new arrangements for firearms administration

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Details of S.I. & planned arrangements for the administration of the firearms licensing system.

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Sports Coalition Receives Lifetime Achievement Award!

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Sports Coalition Receives Lifetime Achievement Award for its Lobbying Work on Behalf of Firearms Owners!

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