The NASRPC resigned from the Sports Coalition on the 24th of October.  This followed several weeks of difficulties which had arisen between the NASRPC and the other Coalition Members in the run up to the Minister’s announcement of 18th of September which accompanied a new S.I. bringing clarity to the licensing of .22 calibre handguns and setting out a road map to the licensing system into the future.  It is unfortunate that the NASRPC’s principal officers have sought fit at various gatherings of shooting people to misrepresent the reasons for the difficulties which arose leading to their resignation.  I am therefore now publishing the full exchange of correspondence between the NASRPC and the Sports Coalition which clarifies the position and will demonstrate beyond doubt that the NASRPC personnel concerned were at all times off-side.


Des Crofton

National Director
Spokesperson for the Sports Coalition


NASRPC To Des Crofton – 16/10/2015

NASRPC E-Mail to Sports Coalition – Resigning from Coalition – 24/10/2015

Des Crofton Response to NASRPC – 26/10/2015