Prime Time – 10th March 2015





Further to our previous communications on the above matter, please note we are informed that the Prime Time programme is scheduled to be broadcast tomorrow night, March 10th, at 9.30pm.  Please activate all members and supporters as preciously advised send your comments to your public representatives immediately following the programme.  Again, we stress that this is a unique opportunity for all shooting sports enthusiasts to make their views known to their political representatives on this very important issue.


At the time of writing this message we do not know as yet what the format of the programme will be, nor do we know who, if anyone, will be on.  All we can confirm is that we provided plenty of interview and film material with which we are happy.  But please be aware, editing can have a significant impact on how the material will be presented.  Another good reason to send your comments to your politicians.



Des Crofton

National Director


Spokesperson for the Sports Coalition


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  1. Jerry j. Baker

    Take the guns off the criminals and leave law abiding citizens alone.