R.I.S.E. Campaign moves to Support Sports Coalition!




The highly successful and active RISE Campaign has been activated to organise around the campaign on firearms which is spearheaded by the Sports Coalition. RISE is a campaigning arm of FACE Ireland (the Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation of the EU).

The activation was authorised at a recent meeting of FACE Ireland at the request of Des Crofton who is National Director of NARGC and also a Director of FACE Ireland. This development brings additional serious support and large numbers behind the Sports Coalition as it includes hunting and fishing interests. RISE has the benefit of a young, educated and dynamic team which will begin organising rallies for the Sports Coalition around the country, taking the campaign into the political constituencies. Sports Coalition spokesperson Des Crofton said:

“I am delighted with this development. Our cause is just and our rural partners have been quick to recognise this. These proposals are simply not justified at any level. The proposers have been unable, or unwilling, to present a scintilla of sustainable evidence which would support their arguments. We have demanded a professional, independent risk assessment and this has inexplicably been refused. They wish to ban our sport and seize our property without having to justify their arguments. We have no intention of allowing that to happen.”

The R.I.S.E. Campaign


Watch the Sports Coalition website www.sportscoalition.org for updates on the RISE rallies.

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  1. Excellent news! Let’s march on as many td’s offices as possible so they can no longer ignore us!