The legal requirements which apply mandatory obligations on gun owners to keep their firearms securely stored at their homes are contained in the FIREARMS (SECURE ACCOMMODATION) REGULATIONS 2009 (S.I. No. 307 of 2009).  The full text of the Regulations can be read on the link below.  The member organisations of the Sports Coalition urge all licence holders to firstly check that their firearms are stored in strict compliance with the regulations.  If there is any doubt as to whether all requirements are being met, consult with your club officers or contact one of the national bodies of the Sports Coalition.  A list of organisations can be found here:  National Bodies


The regulations lay down what are the minimum requirements for storage of firearms.  It is of course open to all licence holders to implement additional measures and we urge them to consider whether there is something extra they could do which is practical to improve their security.


For those people who have only one shotgun, there is no requirement to have it secured in a gun safe.  But the regulations stipulate that it must be fitted with a trigger lock and that it be broken down into its three main component parts and each part stored separately in different locations in the house.  We suggest that such owners might also consider installing a good quality gun safe which is securely fitted.


Lastly, we strongly advise all firearms owners when transporting their firearms to shooting competitions and/or hunting, to travel with the firearm securely locked in the boot of the vehicle and in a gun case or sleeve.  Keep rifle bolts and other parts essential to the operation of the firearm separately, perhaps on your person.  Never, under any circumstances leave a firearm in an unattended vehicle.  And never leave paraphernalia which would indicate gun ownership, such as shooting hats/clothing, cartridge belts, game bags etc., visible in the interior of the vehicle.  Put them out of sight in the boot.


It is the responsibility of every firearms owner to take all reasonable steps to ensure their firearm is not stolen.